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USED - Selmer Mazzeo Low C Bass Clarinet S#Z0xxx


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This instrument was new in the 1974 and came to us on consignment this year. The instrument has received a complete 5 hour maintenance and is in tip-top shape. This special edition Selmer Mazzeo system bass clarinet has a beautiful mellow tone yet provides that raw bass clarinet sound when given the opportunity. This instrument also comes with an upgraded Bam bass clarinet case. Despite the Mazzeo system, the clarinet is able to override any additional options regarding the Mazzeo. It functions as a regular Boehm system clarinet!


What is Mazzeo system?

The Mazzeo system is a key system for the clarinet invented by Rosario Mazzeo around the 1950s. It's a modification of the Boehm system. The Mazzeo system allows for alternate fingerings from the Boehm system in addition to plateau keys.

The instrument is also rare in that it was one of the first editions to include keys down to a low C with all three keys in alignment on the thumb.  This instrument would be a great fit for someone needing the occasional and very cool need for a low C bass but without the new Selmer price tag!

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