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USED - Selmer Low C Bass Clarinet S# W9xxx


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This instrument was new in late 1970s and came to us on consignment this year. This special edition bass clarinet has a beautiful mellow tone yet provides that raw bass clarinet sound when given the opportunity. A practically undetectable crack was repaired in our repair shop on the upper joint near the top trill keys. The crack occurred 10-12 years ago while in storage. It's perfectly repaired, so much so that we can't even find the original damage!

The keys have corrosion but the all leather pads are sealing well. It could use an overhaul to make the instrument shine and smell great. However, all prices on consignment instruments are negotiable, so don't be afraid to put in an offer.

The instrument is rare in that it was one of the first editions to include keys down to a low C.  This instrument would be a great fit for someone needing the occasional and very cool need for a low C bass but without the new Selmer price tag!

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