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Used Selmer Low C Bass Clarinet


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This 1980's Selmer Bass Clarinet to low C is a dream. Performed on and cared for by a professional musician, it is in wonderful condition and ready for its next performance. The grenadilla wood is in great condition with no current or previously repaired cracks and the silver plated key work, bell, and neck show little wear or tarnish. In addition to its impeccable condition, this bass clarinet plays beautifully in tune throughout. The bass comes with an older model Grabner 1213 mouthpiece, Vandoren R inverted ligature and cap.

Please note that the fingerings for the lower notes on this instrument differs from the fingers found on modern low C bass clarinets. However, they are all working and will allow you to play those superb low notes that we all love on bass clarinets.

This instrument will receive roughly 2 hours of work in early April to optimize the key fitting, spring tension and overall mechanics, to replace necessary key silencers and tenon corks.

The instrument is available for immediate trial prior to the scheduled repair work. For more information or to set up a trial, please call Tori or Simon at 612-331-4717.


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