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Used Schreiber S13 Small Hands #34xxx


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Schreiber bassoons are German-made instruments with good projection and colorful, brilliant sound. The response is immediate and is able to achieve a large dynamic range without the sound spreading. The Schreiber S13 is no exception to this and offers great value!

The Schreiber S13 is small hands model, designed for younger players or adults with issues reaching all the keys on a "full-size" bassoon. The wing joint thumb keys are elongated, the tone holes and G key on the boot are pushed closer together, and the wing joint also comes with a plateau key. The instrument does have a high D key, making it most comparable to a Fox 222D in terms of key work. Take a look at our new Schreiber bassoons as well!

This bassoon comes with a Schreiber KER1 bocal. It also comes in a Marcus Bonna case.

The cash/check price is $5,000; the credit card price is $5,150.

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