Open Box - Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Bb Clarinet S#686xxx

$6,848.00 $5,000.00

Open Box Item: Displayed in store but never owned.

This RC Prestige was new in 2016 and is in wonderful condition. The intonation, ease of playing and evenness is spot on. It is a must play for sure!

Check Price: $4850!

All of our professional clarinets are hand-selected at either the Buffet Crampon headquarters in the US, or the factory in France. After hand-selection, the instruments receive a complete set-up in our repair shop. This includes: resurfacing tone holes, pad upgrades, pad reseating and leveling, key fitting, and tension adjustments. Once the set-up is complete, our clarinet repair technician will play-test the instrument to ensure everything is in good working order from a repair standpoint, and then one of our clarinetists will play-test it to ensure everything is good from a player's perspective. We do this at no additional charge for you (work is valued at $450).

The RC Prestige is one of the top models in the RC bore family of clarinets. The Grenadilla wood is carefully selected for its acoustic and aesthetic qualities and the wood is carefully polished and left in its natural color.

The mechanics are prepared and finished with great precision: milling holes inside the specifications according to the Buffet Crampon expertise. The tenons of the body are capped by metal rings, in order to limit the risk of cracks. The mechanics are carefully assembled and adjusted by expert technicians.

All used instruments go through a complete inspection in our repair department and are play tested by our clarinet specialists.

Also included with this instrument is a 1-year crack & 1 year general maintenance warranty.

Contact Brandon or Tori at 800.926.5587 for trial information and availability.

Are you interested in trying more than one clarinet before purchasing?  Contact us--we do instrument trials on all of our new and used instruments.  If you'd rather purchase this instrument without a trial, we are happy to help you, however, please note that there will be a return fee if you decide that you do not want to keep it.  Please see our return policy for more information.  Shipping and billing must match and once shipped it cannot be rerouted. We encourage you to use our unique and convenient instrument trial program so we can help you get the instrument that best suits your needs!



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