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Used Püchner 5000 Bassoon #13XXX


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At a Glance

  • Made in the mid 2000s
  • Traditional finish
  • Full professional keywork up to high E
  • Includes Ab/Bb trill, left hand Eb trill and rollers for right hand thumb, low D/low C and front F#
  • Comes with a Heckel CC2 XL bocal
  • Protected by a BAM trekking case

Püchner bassoons are played in orchestras around the world. Püchner instruments achieve a unique sound through innovation and careful craftsmanship.  This Püchner 5000 has many options that are desirable for professional players. In addition, it adds many rollers that improve smoothness while playing. The traditional finish allows this instrument to project very well even in large spaces. If you are looking for a great instrument that has a lot of options and a great German sound, give this instrument a try!

The cash/check price is $23,500; the credit card price is $24,210.

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