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Used Polisi Concert Model Bassoon #14xx


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At a Glance

  • Protected by a hard case
  • Comes with two unmarked bocals

Polisi bassoons are a rare find! This bassoon has a high D key, Eb trill key, plateau key, right thumb whisper key, and low C# trill. It also a half-hole key which is currently uninstalled, but can be installed on request. This bassoon was developed by William Polisi, former principal bassoon of the New York Philharmonic. It features a design made to be more ergonomic for the player, without sacrificing any of the characteristic tone qualities of the bassoon. This bassoon has an even scale and warm sound. This instrument serves as a great alternative to a 220, 240, Moosmann M22 or M24, or a Schreiber S16! This is a chance to own a unique bassoon.

The check price is $7,500; the credit card price is $7,725.

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