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Used Polisi Artist Model Bassoon #8xx


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At a Glance

  • built ca. late 60s, early 70s
  • Protected by a Fox hard case and case cover
  • Comes with 3 bocals: 2 unmarked, and a Polisi bocal

Polisi bassoonss feature unique keywork! Designed by William Polisi, former principal bassoonist of the New York Phil, these instruments were manufactured by Kohlert and later by Schreiber. This particular instrument was produced somewhere in the middle of their run, and likely made by Kohlert. Polisi made these bassoons to be comfortable and challenge some of the unique challenges of the bassoon. The half hole key on the wing joint is the prime example of such development. Very similar to the oboe half hole key, its designed to eliminate the guess work from half hole notes like G. It also features a low C#-D# thumb trill key, a right thumb whisper key, double low C, high E and E/F# trill, and left hand Eb trill.

These bassoons are unique pieces of history! The price is negotiable, and we can discuss having keywork removed. MMI can also work with you to match a bocal to this instrument!

The check price is $6,500; the credit card price is $6,695. This instrument received a maintenance in our shop and comes with our 1-year used instrument warranty.

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