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Used Moosmann 222CL #8xxx


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This bassoon is a must-try! The Moosmann 222CL is the latest, professional bassoon design by Bernd Moosman. This bassoon has the newest bore design as well as modifications to the key work. It has a compact cut and is made of curly mountain maple.

This instrument has more key work than any other Moosmann bassoon: High F AND F# keys, an additional High E key for LH ring finger, RH Eb trill, alternate C# trill, Ab/Bb trill, low C# mechanism for the LH thumb, and a full set of rollers. Very few professional instruments have this many options!

This instrument is accompanied by a Moosmann A2M gold-plated bocal and a Marcus Bonna case.

The credit card price is $18,540. The cash/check price is $18,000.

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