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Used Moennig 214 Diamant Bassoon #18xxx

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This bassoon is currently under maintenance in our repair shop, and is scheduled to be completed in early-mid May. Gebrüder Moennig GmbH is a German bassoon maker that make high quality, professional bassoons featuring keywork with ergonomic designs and good projection in the sound quality. This instrument has a luminous, bright sound that will be heard in any concert setting. It also boasts terrific ease in the high register. This instrument is a good option for a player looking for an upgrade from their student model instrument, or for a more advanced player wanting to try a German instrument.

This instrument features many custom key options, including a high F key, Ab-Bb trill, and a ring G# mechanism, as well as several rollers. It comes with a Heckel CC1 bocal. Please contact us to get on the waitlist for a trial!


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