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USED - Martin Committee II Tenor Saxophone S#133xxx


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This is a vintage Martin Committee II tenor saxophone. It has been very well maintained and all the pads/key silencers are in great condition. The serial # on the neck matches the body and it has the crown and lion engraving located above and below the "Martin" spelled vertically on the bell. This particular horn was made in 1939-1940 right before the beginning of WWII. Martin saxophones have some of the biggest sounding top/bottom ends of all the coveted vintage brands. They do have their quirks with ergonomics, intonation & soldered on tone holes etc. but if you're willing to put in a little extra time initially to learn the tendencies on this horn, you will be paid back in full with a huge, colorful sound unrivaled by even the most coveted of vintage models.

Instrument comes with a Protec contoured case in great condition. (no mouthpiece)

Special features:
- Soldered toneholes
- Lion and Crown engraving
- Special brace between body and bell
- Comm II was stamped in the back of the body


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