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Used Heckel Bassoon #79xx


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At a Glance

  • Built ca. 1936
  • Protected by a Bonna case
  • Paired with Heckel C1 (nickel-plated, goldbrass base)

This late 7000 series Heckel boasts all the hallmarks of a great pre-war instrument. It has an even scale and easy response. As a result, this bassoon is wonderfully flexible and easy to play. With a double low C touchpiece and a LH whisper lock, as well as standard key work up to high E, this bassoon makes an excellent option for a professional-level player. Anyone interested in a professional bassoon should try this instrument!

Please note, the neck strap ring is not currently installed because it is being repaired. We will add it soon!

As part of the sale, the owner is including the original Heckel case.

This bassoon is listed at $46,000 - if you purchase with a card, we will add 3% to the price.


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