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Used Heckel Bassoon #58xx - WORLD SYSTEM


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At a Glance

  • Built ca. 1921
  • World System key work - see pictures for details
  • Comes with a Heckel CDE1 bocal and an unnamed gold-plated bocal

This Heckel boasts a vibrant sound, especially for its age. It is flexible and responsive, and has a very impressive high register. The key system likely contributes to this.

The World system tries to reconcile the features of the French and German bassoon key systems, borrowing elements for both. The wing joint is in the style of a French bassoon but mostly operates as a German bassoon. Both thumb and LH pinky whisper keys are present, and the high E key is nested next to the thumb whisper key. On this bassoon, the French whisper key is the more optimal choice in most situations. The boot joint has both the thumb and RH ring finger Bb keys. Both are usable. Notably, the RH 2nd finger tone hole is now a key, and the C# trill is placed between the 1st and 2nd finger. Low E is not linked to the whisper key, which is why the French whisper key becomes more useful. The long joint and bell operate exactly like a French bassoon. Additionally, the low Eb/C# keys for the LH pinky are absent.

This can be confusing, so it may just be easier to refer to the pictures.

This is a rare type of bassoon. It feels very different from a standard German bassoon, but plays well. It requires patience to learn and master this unusual instrument, but is definitely a talking piece and great for someone who wants a challenge.

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