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Used Heckel Bassoon #57xx


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At a Glance

  • Built ca. 1922
  • Comes in a professional hard case
  • Accompanied by a pre-war Heckel CC2 bocal (patched)

5000-series Heckels are considered thin-wall, long-bore instruments. They boast great flexibility of sound with a more limited dynamic ceiling. This particular bassoon has a lovely, warm tone. It also features the original finish, which is in good condition. This bassoon does not have any rollers, even for the pinky keys, nor does it have high D or E keys. This is very typical of bassoon of this era, and does not affect the overall responsiveness of the instrument.

This bassoon has undergone a major overhaul in our repair shop - because of that, it is being sold with our 1-year used instrument warranty. It's playing great right now, and we can also help match a bocal to it. While pre-war Heckel bocals are highly sought-after, this one has taken some damage in the past.

The check price for this bassoon is $17,500; the credit card price is $18,025.

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