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Used Heckel Bassoon #40xx


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This bassoon is an antique! 4000-series Heckels were made around the turn of the 20th century, This instrument appears to have had a whisper key added to it, and has been refinished.  It is also missing many keywork options that simply were not standard for the time, such as high D and E keys, the F# trill key (or high Eb key), and even the ring key around the A tone hole. The "flat-top" design of the long joint is also an indicator of its age.

This instrument is beautifully finished but does have some qualities that set it back. Because of its age, it is tuned more closely to A438, so it would be play very flat in a modern orchestra. In addition, it does need a bit of maintenance, as well as a bocal. This instrument is being sold as-is and does not include the maintenance or bocal in the sale price. It is still a really interesting find, great for a collector, or someone looking for an inexpensive upgrade and willing to put in a little extra to get it to playing condition!

We can discuss your options to get this Heckel bassoon in optimal playing capacity. Please contact us today to learn more, and to possibly try the instrument!


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