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Used Fox Renard Artist Model 240D Bassoon #17xxx


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Renard 240D - At a Glance

  • Built in 1991
  • The D designation indicates that this bassoon has the European market in mind. As a result, it features a Double Low C and a Left Hand Whisper Lock
  • Short Bore artist model - possesses key work up to high E
  • Comes in a Fox hard case with Altieri case cover
  • Includes 3 bocals: a Fox CVX 3, a Bell CC2, and a Heckel CC2
  • Comes with our Maintenance Plan: Covers small adjustments and repairs, and includes 1 general maintenance

Fox Renard Artist bassoons make ideal bassoons for serious young players across the US. They work well for hobbyists and other non-professional enthusiasts. Their even, consistent scales make them usable by even the youngest players, and their tone quality sets them apart from the competition. Their combination of quality and affordability blows the competition away.

The cash/check price is $7,000; the credit card price is $7,210.

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