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Used Fox Renard 220 Bassoon #68xxx


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At a Glance

  • Built in 2021
  • Protected by a Marcus Bonna case
  • Comes with a Fox T2 and T3 bocal

This Fox Renard 220 bassoon is only 2 years old! The owner has invested in several upgrades for this instrument. This includes the rollers on the low C & D keys, a special palm guard instead of crutch bracket, a rotary whisper key lock, and a pro U-tube. This instrument has been kept in practically new condition. In fact, it's so new that there was no repair work even to do on it. We are selling it as-is, but you're definitely getting an instrument in great shape. With all the upgrades, this 220 is a great deal!

The check price for this bassoon is $8,750; the credit card price is $9,015.

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