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Used Fox 601 Bassoon #38XXX


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Fox 601 - At a Glance

  • Built in 2004
  • Full professional key work up to High E
  • Thick wall design for more projection and power
  • Accompanied by a Fox *CTC*3 bocal and a cup seat strap
  • Includes a Wiseman leather case with purple interior velvet
  • Comes with our Maintenance Plan: Covers small adjustments and repairs, and includes 1 general maintenance

The 601 is a thick-wall bassoon, designed with larger tone holes than its thin-wall counterparts. The wood type varies from instrument to instrument, but is always a select, aged variety of maple. As a result, this instrument allows for easy projection, great resonance, and a warm sound. The long bore also allows for a deep, sonorous tone, especially in the low register.

The cash/check price is $19,500; the credit card price is $20,085.

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