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Used Fox 601 Bassoon #22xxx


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Fox 601 - At a Glance

  • Built in 1995
  • Full professional key work up to High E
  • Extra key work: High F key, second high E key, ring G# mechanism, LH Eb trill key, and 9 rollers
  • Thick wall design for more projection and power
  • Accompanied by a patched Heckel VCD0 and a Heckel BD1
  • Comes in a Fox hard case with Altieri case cover

This is Fox 601 is in excellent condition and plays really well. The combination of the high F key and ring G# mechanism means that it is very flexible and responsive in the high register, even at high E and F. The Heckel BD1 also helps with high notes, so this bassoon is ready to perform high passages with incredible ease. It has good response and an even scale in every range of the bassoon, and a powerful tone indicative of the Fox 601.

This bassoon will make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a professional-level instrument. The credit card price is $21,115; the cash/check price is $20,500.

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