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Used Fox 601 #53xxx


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At a Glance

  • Built in 2012; Mountain Maple body
  • Protected by Fox hard case and case cover
  • Comes with Heckel CC1 and Fox R2 *CVC* 2 Bocal
  • Extra key work: High F key with second high E, Ab-Bb trill key, French whisper key
  • 5-piece Long bell ("Gentlemen's Cut") Configuration

This Fox 601 is a handsome instrument that plays very well! High notes come with relative easy and low notes are deep and resonant. The compact configuration makes it easy to travel with, and the generous key options make this a true professional instrument. In addition, the mountain maple body offers a rich, flexible tone. If you're looking for a professional-level Fox to upgrade to, check this one out!

The cash/check price is $22,500; the credit card price is $23,175. Call us today to schedule a trial!


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