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Used Fox Model 101 Bassoon #76XX


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Fox Model 101- At a Glance

  • Built in 1978
  • Full professional keywork, up to high E
  • Comes in a BAM trekking case
  • Includes a Heckel VCC2 Bocal

The Fox Model 101 is one of Fox's older production models that are based on some of Hugo Fox's original instrument. This short bore instrument is very flexible in tone color and provides a more soloistic voice. The thin wall design allows for a more beautiful, singing tenor and upper register. The Fox Model 101 also comes with many good roller options that make your life easier! Rollers include: C# and whisper key, Low D, Low C,  and the right hand thumb cluster rollers. If you are interested in an instrument with a rich, warm sound that allows you good flexibility of tone, give this instrument a try!

The cash/check price is $13,000; the credit card price is $13,390.

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