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Used Verjat (after Eichentopf) Baroque Bassoon


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This 1980 Laurent Verjat "Eichentopf" Baroque Bassoon is a remarkable instrument, crafted by Verjat and Robin Howell with bocals made by the latter. Renowned Baroque bassoon player, James Bolyard from Washington DC, used it for numerous performances and recordings. Since James' passing, it has changed hands several times but has largely been left unplayed. It has always remained in climate-controlled environments and as a result is still perfectly playable condition. The well-maintained wood gives the instrument a rich, distinctive sound.

The package includes:

  • 3 bocals (as pictured)
  • Neck and seat straps made at home
  • Hard case with a cover
  • 2 wooden tuning rings to extend the bore
  • 3 small plastic tuning pieces to fine-tune the reed/bocal connection
  • 20 labeled tins filled with reeds crafted and used by Jim, suitable for different types of performances (e.g. continuo, solo)

Please note that due to the vintage nature of this instrument, it is sold as-is, and no repair work will be carried out. The instrument is in great condition and should not require any repairs.

Pay with a check for $3,295 or credit card for $3,395.

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