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USED - Buffet R13 Silver A Clarinet S#714334


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This instrument was purchased new from MMI's hand-selected inventory in July 2019. The original owner is a professional clarinetist and took great care of the clarinet. The clarinet is still very new, but has received a proper break-in. The instrument has a beautiful focused tone and impeccable intonation (as most MMI hand-selected clarinets do). In addition to MMI's standard professional setup, the clarinet has received a 2nd setup by Levi Tracy Clarinet Repair estimated at over $1000. The setup includes:

  • Install Eb/Ab alternate key
  • Replace all pads with custom made cork/kid leather (cork top joint and leather bottom joint)
  • Fill any grains and resurface tone holes to ensure airtight seat
  • Custom left hand F/C adjustment screw
  • Tighten mechanism and fit keys to tighter tolerances
  • Regulate pad heights and angles for improved ergonomics
  • Replace all key bumpers with various materials that are more durable, quiet and have improved tactile feedback
  • Reshape and/or replace existing springs to utilize entire length and give uniform spring rate from one key to the next
  • Reverse F#/C# spring
  • Clean entire instrument

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