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Used Bell Bassoon #21x


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At a Glance

  • Built ca. 2019
  • Protected by a Marcus Bonna case
  • Comes with a Bell CC1 and CC2 bocal
  • Included key options: Ab-Bb trill, LH and RH Eb trill keys, double wide pinky F# with rollers, rollers on low C/D and WK/C# keys, low C#/D# trill
  • Thick-wall model (model 1), tuned to A442

This Bell bassoon is in great shape! Bell bassoons are made in Canada and are made for professional level playing. The boast a lovely, even scale, and a dark, round sound. This instrument is perfect any type of medium - orchestral, chamber, studio, etc. Bell bassoons can be a rare sight on our website, so now's your chance to play one and try it for yourself!

This instrument is being sold as-is. It has not been through our repair shop, and as a result does not have our used instrument warranty.

The check price for this instrument is $38,000. Please note, if purchased with a credit card, 3% will be added to the list price.

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