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Used Bell Bassoon #12 / 13


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At a Glance

  • Built in 1991
  • Accompanied by two Heckel C1 bocals
  • Protected by a hard case and Altieri case cover
  • French whisper key, LH Eb trill keys, offset High E/Eb, double low C

This Bell bassoon has been played professionally in Minnesota for many years! The even scale and easy response make it a great instrument for any setting, from chamber music to full orchestra. Bell bassoons are hand-made in Canada. They exhibit many of the best qualities of professional bassoons. Many players regard the Bells very highly, making this a must-try if you are looking for a professional-level instrument!

The owner of this bassoon actually possessed both #12 and 13 and decided that this combination of the joints was the best. The wing joint is from #13; the rest of the joints are from #12.

The cash/check price for this bassoon is $30,500.

Bell bassoons are uncommon and highly sought-after! Call us today to schedule a trial!


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