Uebel Superior II A Clarinet


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The Superior II shares many of the successful features of the Superior, such as wonderful presence and projection, but complements them with some distinct characteristics of its own. Its black carbon fiber rings make the clarinet lighter and more resonant, and its unique bore variant optimally marries freedom with stability.

• 18 keys
• 6 rings
• well chosen seasoned Grenadilla wood
• ergonomically optimized design
• undercut tone holes
• Eb lever
• “Superior II” bore
• 2 barrels
• adjustable ergonomic thumbrest
• massive carbon rings
• LPGore® pads
• silver plated keywork
• inlaid Sterling-silver signet
• Vandoren mouthpiece
• Vandoren reed
• Vandoren string ligature
• De Luxe Case


The Superior II has many of the properties of the Superior, but its body rings are made out of solid black carbon, making the clarinet lighter and more resonant. Its specialized free blowing bore makes it a versatile instrument for any professional clarinetist.With its naturally dried Grenadilla wood, it is at low risk for cracking and provides a beautiful sound.


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