Sleepy Bear Bassoon Reeds


Sleepy Bear reeds are a good reed that is more on the free blowing side of reeds. They are made by a professional bassoonist and play tested before being sent. These reeds are made from cane gouged by hand by the reed maker. These reeds are free and flexible and are suited for both beginner and advanced students alike. If you are looking for a reed that is easy to play and responds well, give these reeds a try.


A note from the reed maker

The reed should be soaked for a minute to a minute and a half before playing. If you find that the reed is too stiff in the low register, take some cane out of the back gently with a file or sandpaper. The reed may be slightly too thick after playing for some time. If this happens, lightly sand the whole reed with a fine grit sandpaper to take of material all over the reed.

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