Sakura Bassoon Reeds & Reed Blanks


The Sakura reed is made with subtlety and grace in mind - much like its namesake. Both reeds and blanks are handmade and playtested with attention to detail, and each reed is treated individually so that they can all play through the entire range of the bassoon with good response and beautiful tone.

The shape allows for effective soloistic playing in the tenor range without sacrificing the resonance in the low register. The unique "side-wire" configuration of the first wire allows for the blades to be more even and equalized, so that the reed does not favor one side greatly over the other.

As with all reeds, if the first wire is loose, try soaking the reed before making changes. The intention with this reed is that the wire is secure, but does have wiggle room even when soaked. This allows for greater vibrance and easier response.

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