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MMI has chosen our first charity of the month to be Oboe Mobile Foundation, in Puerto Rico. MMI attended the very first Workshop in San Juan in 2009 and has been attending each year since 2015. Oboe Mobile Foundation (OMF) is a 501c3 non-profit that helps teach oboe and provide oboes/supplies in Puerto Rico to young aspiring musicians that would not otherwise have the financial ability to pursue the oboe.

From founder, Dr. Frances Colón: “As the first oboist from Puerto Rico to win the Principal Oboe Position of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra I felt the duty and responsibility to leave a legacy for future generations of oboists and its enthusiasts. Oboe Mobile Foundation was created out of LOVE to inspire, to educate, to serve, and to contribute to a better world! Join me in this life mission and share Oboe Love!”

OMF travels all over the island of Puerto Rico, going to different cities to give oboe lessons, help with reeds, and teach everything about the oboe! Most of the children that are served would not have had anyone else to teach them oboe if it weren’t for the Oboe Mobile Foundation. Every summer, the Oboe Workshop (OboeFest) occurs and all of these oboists have the opportunity to play together and learn from multiple guest artists which have included: Nick Daniel, Margaret Marco, Andy Parker, Alyssa McKeithen, Nancy Ambrose King, Alain de Gourdon,  Mark Ackerman, Nermis Mieses, Mark Ostoich, and Rebecca Henderson.

Another program provided by OMF is the Oboe Bank. This is a collection of donated oboes that are lent to students who do not have access to an oboe to start lessons. OMF is always seeking donations of oboes to augment its oboe bank. They are especially in need of intermediate oboes with an articulated C#.  If you have any oboes to donate, please let us know! MMI is happy to donate repair service needed on any oboe donated to the Oboe Mobile Foundation.

Recently, Jessica Nelson, MMI general manager, visited Puerto Rico and brought oboes from the OMF oboe bank that MMI provided donated repair services. “There is so much destruction, sadness and trauma on the island after Hurricane Maria, and only a few weeks until hurricane season starts again. (And countless homes that have not been repaired, don't have water, and don't have power.) Oboe Mobile Foundation helps bring hope back to the kids in Puerto Rico--they travel around the island providing free oboe lessons and even oboes for kids that don't have one! It's full of love and hope and if you have even $1 dollar (less than what you spend on coffee) it will greatly help. Please help me bring joy to the people of Puerto Rico, as for the last 4 years that I've gone to the island, they've always welcomed me as if I were one of their own. MMI proudly supports the Oboe Mobile Foundation, and hopes that you will, too!”

Learn more at:  http://oboemobile.org/en/



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