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Püchner Bassoon #74xx


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Püchner #74xx - At a Glance

  • Full professional Püchner key work, including LH Eb trill
  • Rollers on all pinky keys; additionally, rollers on low D and C
  • Warm, dark sound
  • Maintenance Warranty
  • Heckel gold-plated CD2 bocal

This Püchner bassoon used to be a school instrument. The school took very good care of it and fixed it regularly. As a result, it possesses a lovely warm sound.

This bassoon carries full professional key work; therefore, it is an ideal upgrade instrument for a younger player!

Additionally, this instrument comes with a gold-plated Heckel CD2 bocal. The cash/check price is $13,775; the credit card price is $14,195. Call our bassoon specialists today for a trial! Also inquire about our bocal matching policy!



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