Puchner 5000 Bassoon

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Available in both dark red (Traditional) finish or Antique finish. Silver-plated mechanism, waterproof pads, automatic G ring key, high D & E keys, E-F# trill, Eb key on wing joint. Automatic whisper (bridge) key mechanism in connection with low E, Right- and left-handed whisper key lock, right thumb Ab-Bb trill key. 5 finger holes and one tone hole with silver tubes extending into the bore. The wing joint bore as well as the wide and small side bore of the boot joint are also lined. Includes nylon-lined pivot screw keys, 2 PuŸchner bocals, hand crutch, neckstrap, backpack case.

We will match two Puchner bocals to the bassoon, or you can choose from our selection of bocals to suit your needs. 13 Rollers:

  • 1 on F key
  • 1 on F# key for right-hand little finger
  • 1 on G# key for right-hand little finger
  • 1 on Bb key for right thumb
  • 2 on low E key for right thumb
  • 2 on F# key for thumb * 1 on G# key for right thumb
  • 1 on C# & one on D# key on long joint * 1 on low D key
  • 1 on low C key
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