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OPEN BOX - Püchner Model 6000 with Additional Key Features #16326


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At a Glance

  • Built 2022
  • Open-Box: this instrument has gone out on several trials and was on display at several events including the 2023 Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp.
  • Protected by a Marcus Bonna case
  • Comes with Püchner CC1 and CC2 bocals

The Püchner Model 6000 "Superior" is the bassoon of choice for many of the world's greatest players. This particular bassoon has a lovely, warm tone, and even scale.

In addition to the standard professional key work all Püchner bassoons come with, the Model 6000 features mother-of-pearl-style rollers and additional rollers for low D, low C, the whisper key, and C# key. It has an articulated Ab-Bb trill key, which can be used for G-Bb, Gb-Bb, and F-Bb tremolos. There is a double C# trill key touch on the boot joint, a double low C spatula, as well as a second spatula for high E. The low Bb key features a special adjustment screw for dampening and adjusting intonation on the low notes. The key work boasts nylon-lined pivot screw sockets, which makes the key action very smooth and silent. The tone holes also contain Sterling silver linings; additionally, 13 of the keys are Sterling silver.

This bassoon features even more additions, customized from the Püchner factory: it has a High F key, right hand whisper key lock (in addition to the left hand), and a right hand Eb trill (in addition to the left hand). This bassoon is loaded up!

The check price of this bassoon is $37,995

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