Little Jake bassoon pickup


The Little-Jake is a high quality, hand-built pickup for the bassoon other woodwinds. Little-Jake sounds incredibly natural with warm and full bass response and works extremely well with guitar effects and amps. The cable is very lightweight, flexible, and just the right length to go to the preamp clipped to your belt, avoiding any danger of accidentally pulling the pickup out of the bocal adapter.

Please read before ordering:
**You MUST have a modified bocal to use the Little-Jake pickup**
If you need an adapter for your bocal, send us your bocal and we will do the work in our shop. Please let us know in the customer comments if you will be sending your bocal to us for installation. Installation cost is $50. Adapters are available separately here if you prefer to have your preferred technician install the adapter.

You're welcome to select a new bocal from our stock and have us do the modification to that as well. The bocal sale will be handled like our normal bocal trial procedure. Please call us to get set up a bocal trial.

For clarinet, tap directly into a plastic barrel, no adapter needed. For alto, tenor, or bari sax, a brass adapter can be attached to the neck, or tap directly into a plastic or hard rubber mouthpiece. For soprano saxophone it is suggested you have the neck fit with the adapter. The threading is 10/32 and max 5mm deep.

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