Legere Oboe Reeds - Medium


The new Legere Oboe Reeds are here!

We are pleased to offer the new Medium strength Legere oboe reeds. After extensive product testing by our oboists, we feel the Medium strength Legere's are the most stable of the 3 strengths. These reeds are the 'European Scrape' but offer enough flexibility and stability and are not as stiff as the medium-hard or as unstable as the medium-soft.

It is NOT recommended to make adjustments to the Legere reeds but some have success by clipping a very small amount from the tip or scraping in the heart (information taken directly from Legere). If you do attempt to adjust your Legere, you must do so with EXTREME caution and a very, very sharp knife as they are quite fragile. In making any attempt to adjust or alter your Legere reed, you are assuming all risk and liability associated with this. Please note that no refunds or returns can be done on reeds that break or crack in an attempt to alter or adjust.

Sales on the Legere reeds will be final unless they arrive defective or damaged in anyway. Due to their fragility, we will not be offering trials on the oboe reeds.

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