Fox R2 Double Star Bocals

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The Fox R2 Double Star Bocals are no longer being produced by Fox, but we still have them available! Long considered the standard bocals by Fox, the Double Stars are sought after for their quality and consistency. The types are:

*CVX*: once included as standard with Renard Artist models, this bocal is known for its stability and excellent response throughout the range of the instrument.

*CVC*: created specifically for use with thick wall style bassoons.

*CTX*: a thin wall version of the Fox R2 Double Star *CVX* Bocal. The thin wall bore design allows for greater flexibility and a more free blowing feel.

*CTC*: a thin wall bocal providing greater flexibility and freedom than its thick wall counterpart, the *CVC*.

The lengths that are stocked #2 and #3. These bocals have limited availability!

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