(DEMO) Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto Saxophone S#389982


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This "Demo" saxophone is brand new but has been on multiple trials and to multiple shows and conventions where it has seen additional play time. However, it is functionally a new saxophone.


Yanagisawa AWO10 (General Info)

Yanagisawa ‘Elite’ models are true player’s instruments that represent the pinnacle of saxophone craftsmanship. Delivering a moderate level of resistance, the accomplished player can discover a truly effortless tone with unrivalled depth and flexibility, and a genuinely unparalleled freedom of expression.

Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Neck: Brass
Body: Brass
Bell: Brass, hand-engraved

Fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker
C# - Bb connected table key
C# - Bb & C# - B double connected table key
Sway-free F-auxiliary key mechanism
White shell lined indented keys
Single Unit Seat (Base)
Metal thumb hook & rest
Pointed pivot screw
Air tight waterproof pad
Needle spring
Double arm key
Tri-point balanced bell brace


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