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Demo - Yamaha YCL-SEVR A Clarinet S# 1759

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Demo check price: $2810

This SEVR Custom A clarinet was new to MMI in October 2019.  The SEVR is a professional model clarinet that rivals it's competitors in terms of tone color, exceptional Yamaha pitch and flexibility.  If you have not tried Yamaha's newest development, this instrument is a must try! You will be pleasantly surprised with how much power, ease of playing and genuine tone you will get from this model clarinet.

While retaining the traditional wide tone holes, tapers, and undercuts of the SE Series, the SEVR A Clarinet offers rich tone and even greater freedom of expression. It not only blends beautifully in ensembles, but is a standout choice for solos as well.

The SEVR/SEVR-A clarinet has been carefully refined to give players unrivalled freedom of expression. A number significant changes have been made to the instrument’s design allowing Yamaha to deliver a clarinet that meets clarinetists’ desires for a higher standard of clarinet. Its beautiful tone, rich expressive capabilities throughout the dynamic range, and a tone with exceptional presence, Yamaha’s new SEVR/SEVR-A sets new standards in professional clarinet craftsmanship.

For more details pertaining to the specifications of the SEVR series clarinets visit the Yamaha website.


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