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Demo - Yamaha Custom 812C Bassoon #42xx


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Demo Model - Never Owned!

This Yamaha 812C has never been owned by anybody except MMI, but it has gone to trial and shows several times.

Yamaha 812 Overview

The Yamaha Custom bassoon series feature fine craftsmanship and excellent sound. As a result, the 812 is a fully professional instrument. The thick wall design takes after later series Heckels, and enables a dark and powerful sound. It has the warmth ideal for a soloist and the volume to keep up in a large orchestra.

This particular bassoon features the compact (gentlemen's) bell design, and easily fits in a small and efficient Yamaha case. It also features two Yamaha Super Bocals, a CNS1 and 2 (These are not high note bocals, but are made for overall playing).

This is a great instrument at an excellent value! Please call our bassoon specialists today to schedule a trial with this demo instrument!


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