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DEMO - Wolf S2000+V #1260

$9,990.00 $8,035.00

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Demo Model - Displayed and Trialed, Never Owned

Additionally, this bassoon comes in a Lupo Bag top-loading case and comes with two Wolf Drawn bocals.

The price listed is the credit card price. The cash/check price is $7,800.

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Wolf S2000+V

The S2000+V gets its name from the improvements it boasts from the model S2000, an instrument we can also special order. It is a professionally equipped bassoon, made from birdseye maple (the V stands for "Vogel", German for bird). It features high D and E keys, RH thumb Ab flat key, ebonite water tubes, and 7 rollers. Additionally, the wood has been treated with a special immersing process. This allows for improved resonance.


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