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DEMO - Wolf Redline Bassoon #12xx


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Demo Model - Lightly Played, Never Owned

This bassoon is a demo model - it has never been owned, but has gone out on trial and been lightly played. It boasts great clarity of tone and terrific response. Additionally, this bassoon comes in a Tutti Fagotti case and is accompanied by two Wolf Drawn bocals.

The price listed is the credit card price. The cash/check price is $11,995.

This instrument is available for trial! Please call our bassoon specialists today to learn more.

Wolf Redline

The Redline is Wolf's most advanced bassoon, designed to meet the greater needs of professional players. Made of mountain maple and given a new type of resonance treatment and hand buffed high luster varnish, this bassoon will provide the richness and complexity of sound you expect from instruments that are significantly more expensive.

Featuring key work up to high E, a double low C plate, and a LH whisper key lock, this bassoon is professionally equipped. The bassoon also possesses several unique features from the S2000 line, including nickel silver water tubes, a RH Eb trill key, several additional rollers, and a specially designed bell ring that gives the instrument its name.



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