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DEMO - Walter Soloist Model Bassoon #86xx

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Demo Model - Displayed and Trialed, Never Owned

This Walter bassoon is a pristine, wonderfully crafted instrument. Made from Sycamore Maple, it boasts an even scale, terrific response, and a dark German tone. These instruments achieved popularity in Europe but have not had much exposure in the US. We're looking to change that!

Although quite thick-walled and large in the hand, these instruments play with flexibility and subtlety. The bocals are made by Walter, but have a great sound quality and feel comparable to Heckels.

Walter bassoons are absolutely worth the consideration for anyone looking for high quality, handcrafted professional bassoon. To show this, we invite anyone to trial this bassoon. We're offering special pricing on this bassoon to help it gain exposure!

This bassoon comes in a Bonna case and with 2 Walter bocals, a CC1 and CC2. It is equipped with an Ab-Bb Trill key, an Eb trill key, LH whisper key lock, double low C plate, and 13 rollers.

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