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Demo - Selmer 67 "Privilege" Low C Bass Clarinet, Serial # S03758


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Demo check price: $12,500

This hand-selected clarinet came to MMI in October of 2021. As with all of MMI's clarinets, it was hand-selected at Selmer in Elkhart, Indiana. Intonation, tone color and even scales are the staple behind every MMI clarinet. You will not be disappointed in the sound quality and ease of playing with this clarinet. It's a must try.

This "Demo" clarinet is brand new but has been on multiple trials and to multiple shows and conventions where it has seen additional play time. However, it is functionally a new clarinet. Pictures are of the actual instrument.

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The “PRIVILEGE" bass clarinet marks a decisive step forward in the development of the instrument while keeping the basic design which made the previous models so successful. Its great responsiveness provides swiftness close to the B-flat and opens up a feeling of freedom.

Key of Bb Range to Low C Silver plated nickel silver has more texture than nickel, which makes it easier to finger fast technique Grenadilla wood Silver plated brass bell Bore: Upper 23.5mm, lower 23.4 mm stainless steel needle springs High quality leather pads get a perfect seal, but are soft enough to prevent "slapping" key noise


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