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DEMO - Schreiber S16 #45xxx

$11,162.00 $8,500.00

This bassoon comes in a Schreiber case. It also has two Schreiber bocals: a KE1 and KE2. If you'd like to try some alternative bocals with this bassoon, let us know!

The S16 is Schreiber's top-level student instrument. It is roughly equivalent to a 220 or 240. It possesses full key work up to high E. The tone is powerful and flexible, and can project very well in a large orchestral setting.

The Schreiber bassoons boast a lightweight, maple body, and a characteristic German sound. These instruments are underrated and really rival the 220/240 in quality, especially in sound.

The cash/check price is $8,250; the credit card price is $8,500. Call today to schedule a trial!

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