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DEMO - Püchner Model 4000 Bassoon (Antique Finish) #16xxx


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This bassoon comes in a Marcus Bonna case, and paired with a Püchner CC1 and CC2 bocal.

The Püchner Model 4000 is a fully professional bassoon. It possesses all the key work a professional player will need, but does not have extra trill key options. The Model 4000 is similar to "base model" Püchner bassoon. It exhibits the wonderful sound that Püchner is known for but isn't weighed down by extra keys.

All Püchner bassoons have the same bore design - the 4000, 5000, and 6000 theoretically sound the same. Püchner doesn't normally make the 4000 in the Antique finish but they made this bassoon just for MMI! The antique finish is a combination of the orange stain and matte lacquer. As a result, this bassoon possesses a slightly darker sound than a traditional finish instrument.

The cash/check price for this instrument is $21,500; the credit card price is $22,145.

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