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Demo - Loree Standard Royal Oboe serial #ULXX

$8,350.00 $6,975.00

This oboe is the 'elite' model made by Loree. Only the finest pieces of wood are used to make Royal models. The walls of the bore are a bit thicker than standard Lorees, and there are some minor mechanism adjustments. It has heavy silver-plated keywork and a full conservatory system that includes low Bb, left F, third octave key, Bb vent, forked-F resonance, split ring D#-E trill, G#-A trill, articulated B-C# mechanism, banana key, and Bb-B trill. Metal-lined tenons and an adjustable thumbrest are standard. These oboes have a very refined tone and excellent response. Comes in a French case with insulated case cover.

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