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Demo - Fox 555 English horn serial #2XXX


The Fox 555 English horn is a fantastic student English horn and a long-time favorite of school programs. Built of high quality resin, these instruments are durable and stable and can meet the needs of a number of levels of players. Comes in leather Fox case with 2 Fox bocals.

Standard Features:

  • High-quality plastic resin body
  • Silver-plated posts, bands, and bell ring
  • Stainless steel arbors and wire springs
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Teflon-tipped stainless steel adjusting screws
  • High-quality cork pads on low C and above
  • High-quality bladder pad on low B key

Standard Keywork:

  • Modified conservatory key system handmade in the United States
  • Split plate half hole
  • B tab
  • A♭-B♭ trill key
  • G♯-A trill key
  • F♯ key tab
  • Left hand F key
  • F resonance mechanism
  • Assembly key with C-D and B-C♯ trills
  • Low C-C♯ trill key
  • Articulated C♯ mechanism
  • Open hole A, E and D keys
  • Thumb rest with ring


  • Two XL bocals, Lengths 2 & 3


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