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Demo - Buffet Crampon "Tosca" Low C Bass Clarinet, Serial # H53335


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Demo check price: $13,000

This hand-selected clarinet came to MMI in October of 2021. As with all of MMI's clarinets, it was hand-selected at the Buffet Factory in Jacksonville, Florida. Intonation, tone color and even scales are the staple behind every MMI clarinet. You will not be disappointed in the sound quality and ease of playing with this clarinet. It's a must try.

This "Demo" clarinet is brand new but has been on multiple trials and to multiple shows and conventions where it has seen additional play time. However, it is functionally a new clarinet. Pictures are of the actual instrument.

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This new TOSCA bass clarinet, conceived for the symphonic orchestras, broadens the spectrum of sound already appreciated in the existing B-flat and A models launched in 2004 the E-flat model in 2010. Its well-focused sound and luminous tone, assisted by a unique new register key system, allows the most demanding musician the ability to play the instrument’s entire repertoire with an exceptional freedom and confidence. Its intuitive, soundless TOSCA mechanism liberates the artist from the usual constraints imposed by the key action on the lower joint and the movements of the plateau keys of the instrument.

Features include:
-New Tosca bore design
-High quality unstained African blackwood
-New tosca tone hole placement and ergonomic key design
-New low D and Eb keys
-Range to low C
-Unique register key system
-Rubber dampers for soundless key action
-Metal-capped tenons


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