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Demo - Buffet Crampon 1193 Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet S#H52520

$13,216.00 $10,500.00

Demo check price: $10,200

This amazing Buffet Prestige low C bass clarinet was new in July 2020. It is like-new with very little playing time. This is a must try bass as it's easy to blow, has a focused and centered tone and has a price that can't be beat!

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The 1193 Bass Clarinet represents Buffet Crampon craftsmanship at its finest. A must for the serious university student or the professional symphony player, the Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet produces a well centered, rich tone. Along with an Eb/Ab lever and low G resonance key, the BC 1193 is equipped with a double D spatula and a triple D spatula.

Features include:
-High quality unstained African blackwood
-Silver plated keys
-Range to low C
-2 part neck
-Eb/ Ab lever
-Low G resonance key
-Bell section resonance vent
-Double D spatula
-Triple Eb spatula
-Double register key mechanism
-Metal-capped tenons

All of our professional clarinets are hand-selected at either the Buffet Crampon headquarters in the US, or the factory in France. After hand-selection, the instruments receive a complete set-up in our repair shop. This includes: resurfacing tone holes, pad upgrades, pad reseating and leveling, key fitting, and tension adjustments. Once the set-up is complete, our clarinet repair technician will play-test the instrument to ensure everything is in good working order from a repair standpoint, and then one of our clarinetists will play-test it to ensure everything is good from a player's perspective. We do this at no additional charge for you (work is valued at $450).


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