Chen Bassoon Reeds


Made by Catherine Chen, principal bassoon of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra! In addition, they use the Rieger 2 shape.

These reeds feature high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. For younger players, they make an excellent option to play in orchestra. Reed-makers will receive a glimpse into the type of reed professional bassoonists make.

From the maker:

"All reeds are custom-made and made to order. As part of our reed-making process, we break in each individual reed by playing various sets of scales with the goals of achieving an evenness of sound, good intonation, stable responsiveness, and warm tone colors in all registers. All finished reeds are made so that they are "ready to play" out of the box.

"If you find that adjustments are needed due to personal preferences and the context in which the reed will be played, we advise to play on the reed for 10-15 minutes before scraping on the reed. If you still find the reed needs adjusting, we suggest taking down the channels, the rails, and a bit of the heart. Please make minor adjustments at a time and see how the reed feels after every adjustment. From our reed-making style, the reeds typically sound better wire down, but please feel free to try both sides to find what is most comfortable for you.

Prior to shipment, our process includes a final step to soak each reed in hydrogen peroxide for one minute to ensure proper sanitization."



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