BAM Hightech Bassoon Case


The BAM Hightech bassoon case uses a triple-layered shell. As a result, it provides a great amount of protection from external sources. BAM cases are molded to Moosmann bassoons, so the cradles may not fit your bassoon exactly. Luckily, the foam used can be manipulated. A Püchner bassoon fits in this case!

Available in the Black Carbon style.

WEIGHT : 7 lbs 9oz
INSIDE DIMENSIONS : Bass joint: 64 cm
Tenor joint: 48 cm
Bell joint: 35 cm
Boot joint: 42 cm
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS : 68x30x12,5 cm
INSIDE FEATURES : Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting the instrument against thermal shocks
Removable accessory pouch

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