Royal Global Clarinets

Midwest Musical Imports is very excited to introduce our new partnership with Royal Global Clarinets and Brian Corbin Clarinet Products Distribution!

We have a selection of Royal Global inventory in our shop and are offering trials of these fine instruments - call today for more information about our generous trial process!

American Royal Global Artists include: Jonathan Cohler (Longy School of Music, Bard College), Jorge Montilla (University of Iowa), Christopher Hill (Principal Clarinet,  South Dakota Symphony Orchestra) and Lilly Haley (U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet Band).


Yuan Gao is the owner and clarinet designer of Royal Global. He is a decorated clarinetist who studied performance in Asia, Europe and the U.S. As a student, Yuan developed his instrument and accessory making skills, learning skills from instrument makers such as Luis Rossi. In 2010, after years of building instruments by hand in Boston, Yuan began sourcing parts and developing prototypes with some of China's top instrument manufacturers. Ultimately Yuan built his own facility near Beijing, China giving him 100% control over every part of the manufacturing process. This control helped achieve high standards in quality control, from natural aging of the wood to making all of the keywork and accessories in the same facility. Still to this day, clarinets are hand-finished near Boston. After 5 short years, Royal clarinets began selling and gaining recognition in over 25 countries such as Brazil, Italy, China, and Russia. Now, Royal Global is making more advances on their instruments and gaining traction in the U.S. clarinet market, garnering a reputation for high quality craftsmanship at a great value.

Wood selection:
The grenadilla (African blackwood) wood is aged anywhere from 5-10 years providing consistency in sound and minimizing the possibilities of cracking. Naturally dried and aged, all clarinets are unstained and display the natural beauty of the wood. The most dense and acoustically resonant pieces of wood are reserved for the high end professional models.

Key work:

A unique Royal Global feature, the silver and gold plating is applied using a process that leaves a heavier, thicker layer to protect against plating wear and enhance the feel in the hands. Uniquely the keys are double plated with silver or gold and are made from one solid piece. Yuan makes all his own keys in the same factory as the clarinets. Royal Global is also the maker of keys and parts for many major instrument makers across the globe.

*Learn how Royal clarinets are made here.


• Royal Global clarinets feature poly-cylindrical bores that are uniquely "stepped." Manipulating the bore shape and taper gives life to each model, unique in its response, flexibility, and tonal palette.
• Silent Mechanism, using synthetic body bumpers instead of old-school key corks that fall off and deteriorate
• Adjustable clarinet barrels (professional models)
• G/D lower joint vent and double-register Bb vent (Firebird only)
• 3 year manufacturer Warranty, including instrument replacement for cracks within the first year and joint replacement thereafter

Listen to Lily Haley play the Firebird model  - Here

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